Hi, my name is Marina Belova, I am a

User Interface and
User Experience designer.

I am currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany
but I am open to remote projects.
I specialize in the design of websites, apps, online shops and software interfaces. I develop design solutions based on working experience I have gathered in customer research and service design. My goal is to create a consistent enjoyable customer experience and achieve business goals based on customer needs.

My approach:

I am an advocate of Design Thinking methods and I am ready to accompany you at any stage of your project:

… starting with refining of your concept in a workshop. Together we will generate, validate and prioritise ideas. I will foster the creative flow of thoughts with educated methods.

… followed by the development of the first low-fi prototype, which will be tested with potential clients. It is important to collect customer’s feedback in an early stage of the project in order to improve the product before investing in costly and time-consuming designing and coding. An improved prototype can even serve as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

… up to the point of developing the whole design system for your product. I can not only deliver a complete UI design for your digital product but also a matching logo, business card and e-mail newsletter templates.

So, here is the entire range of my services:

Website / app / online shop / blog / software design

Win hearts of your customers with an intuitive mobile optimized interface design of your product.

Website / blog / online shop to go

I will quickly set up a website, blog or an online shop with an easy to use content management systems like Wordpress, Shopify or Magneto so you can present your business online in no time.

Prototype / concept

Present your digital product to investors and potential clients as an interactive prototype. Validate your idea with a click-through prototype before investing into programming.

Presentation design

Win investors and potential clients attention with a professional presentation. Get a presentation template in your corporate style as well as recommendations on how to build a successful presentation.

Logo and business card design

Your company needs a recognizable visual appearance. Let’s find a style that matches both your spirit and your target audience.

Flyer, poster, banner, E-Mail newsletter design

Spread awareness about your business and win new customers with a broad range of advertising materials as well as drive sales with a mobile optimized E-Mail Newsletter.

Video storyboard

Communicate your idea with a video on your website or presentation. Together we will brainstorm and sketch the storyboard and I will create visuals in your corporate style for an animator.

Customer Research / Validation

Validate your idea through interviews with potential customers, tests of your prototype or with surveys. I will recruit research participants, conduct the research and deliver the insights to you.

UI & UX Expert Check

Get an expert opinion on your digital product and improvement suggestions in User Experience and User Interface.

Some of my previous design projects:


What’s the best nutrition for my dog? Does he get the correct amount? Is he active enough? Is he really feeling fine? In a team we developed a high-fi prototype of a connected feeding bowl that adviced dog owners on what foods are best for their pet.

  • App prototype
  • App design
  • Presentation design

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Client: Fressnapf- Europe’s largest pet food supplier.

Problem: Our client’s were looking for a way to regain lost market shares. The chain had fallen prey to an exodus of rural pet owners who began buying low-quality pet food at gas stations and supermarkets.

Solution: Our team at Ogilvy & Mather Düsseldorf came up with an innovative solution that resulted and was acknowledged with several design prices.

We developed a prototype of the SmartBowl - a dog bowl that is connected with a collar, that measures dog’s activity, an app and a dog food bag equipped with an RFID chip. The app informed the dog owner on how big the food portion should be depending on dog’s size and activity, as well as informing a veterinarian if dog’s behavior is abnormal and it also automatically orders a new bag of food as soon as the old one is near empty.

While other team members were building a production prototype of the dog bowl equipped with scales, WiFi and Bluetooth, I worked on the app that would show the collected data to the owner. I started with a rough interactive prototype to test my ideas and presented the app to the team directly on a smartphone to demonstrate the convenience of an intuitive swipe gesture navigation as well as how we can trigger positive emotions by using dog videos as a background.

My app proposal was warmly welcomed by the team and I began working on a high-fidelity prototype. I finalized the design of the app and passed it over to developers. They connected the app to the bowl and the product was ready to be presented to the client and the public.

BASF Employer Branding

How to make the largest chemical producer in the world an attractive workplace to young specialists? By doing so a team and I developed a digital campaign showing the positive impacts a single employee of BASF have had on the world’s environment and technical progress.

  • Website concept
  • Website design

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Client: BASF- The largest chemical producer in the world.

Problem: Lack of job applications from young specialists and college graduates.

Solution: Our team came up with a digital campaign showcasing the positives BASF employees make on the world. Our film production department developed a video campaign that consisted of three stories based on BASF employees who managed to bring to life a product that had a positive impact on the environment, economy and sports.

I was the leading Art Director on the landing pages featuring the videos. My job was not to design another informative landing page but to attact interest into the storyline and get people to apply and sumbit job applications.

While working on this project our team implemented the principles of LEAN UX and followed the LEAN Loop “Build – Measure – Learn”. We were working in our usual agile manner - as soon as I prepared the first rough design developers started with coding. When all three landing pages were programmed and functioning, we gave it to an external agency for user testing. After we got the results of the user testing we took time to make significant changes to the user interface and adapted it to user needs and presented to our clients.

Philips Click & Style

How can you convince a hipster to shave? With this tricky question Philips challenged my team at Ogilvy & Mather Düsseldorf.

  • App prototype
  • App Design
  • Presentation Design

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Client: Philips - World’s number one electric shaving brand for men.

Problem: Hipsters and their love for beards were putting Philips’ shaving products marketshare into danger. Electrical shaving was being ignored and sales were dropping.

Solution: To encourage young men to style their beards, Philips came up with a 3 in 1 product - Philips Click & Style. Willing to introduce the new product to young consumers online, Philips addressed Ogilvy & Mather Düsseldorf.

As a lead art director on the project, I was responsible for the overall visual design of the landing page that our team developed.

We worked agile on this project - in contrast to other projects, which are usually completed by a waterfall model, developers here started coding and testing parts of the layout as soon as I was done with some key elements. We didn’t wait for final layout approvals from the client to start working.

Thanks to these agile principles we established a flexible process and were able to constantly improve usability of the landing page. We were working in Scrum sessions, which was very productive thanks to daily stand ups. The team met for 10 minutes each morning for updates on what they accomplished in the previous day and to discuss any impediments.

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